Commercial faq's

Selecting the correct products
Use the product selection guide in this manual, if still in doubt then contact fluid dynamics or your local agent and provide them details of your application along with a water analysis.

Why is no BMS required?
BMS (building management systems are only required where conditioners require power from an external source and factors such as power cuts, tripped fuses or poor electrical connections can all cause an immediate halt in treatment. Both catalytic and magnetic systems do not rely on external power source an work on a continuous basis without the requirement for ongoing maintenance nor replacement parts.

Installation guide on recirculation hot water systems
If installing conditioners for treating a recirculation hot water system the general practice is to ensure the supply to the water heater is treated and it is goo practice to ensure that the return part of the recirculation system also has a conditioner on it. his can be avoided in some modern systems where the water is kept at a relatively consistent temperature and where there is fast rate of water consumption. Where water is continually circulated and heated and cooled eventually if not used treatment efficiency we start to degrade.

Will I need a maintenance schedule?
Maintenance schedules are not required unless treating water with very high concentration of minerals or where iron may be present in the water and advice can be sought from your local agent for frequency of maintenance based on the water analysis.

What about maximum flow rate
Size should always be chosen based on optimum operating flow rate, however if the flow does temporarily exceed the maximum stated acceptable flow this will not have any impact on conditioning but may cause noticeable reduction in pressure.

Is treatment capabilities governed by TDS levels?
No, there is no limit in terms of the level of TDS that can be treated. Generally the more TDS the more effective treatment will be. Parameters such as pH and the balance of ions dictate the compatibility of treatment.

Over what distance or length of time does the treated calcium carbonate remain in suspension?
Providing treated water is not mixed with untreated water then treated calcium will remain for a number of months.

What effect does a temporary drop in flow rates have on treatment?
Providing the flow rate remains within the optimum range for the majority of the operation, if flowing outside the optimum range this will have no significant impact on the threat of increased scaling.

Treating hotels/shopping malls
Comprehensive conditioning systems can be designed specifically for unique complexes send s CAD drawing along with water schematics to your local agent or fluid dynamics and they will spec in the most cost effective system design for your project. Our conditioners have been installed in many prestigious locations around the world (see commercial client list for some examples)