Industrial faq's

Effect on corrosion when decaling
Existing scale may be covering old corrosion and this should be a concern for very old heavily scaled pipe work.

What detergents and chemicals can or can't be used with treatment?
Some chemicals and detergents can be used with conditioning. Generally bleaching agents and filming agents are not suitable for catalytic treatment. Some domestic washing additives such as colon are not suitable for treatment. For specific details on chemicals/additives being used contact Fluid Dynamics.

I have a bank of compressors, should I use one large conditioner on the main feed or several small conditioners on each compressor inlet?
Depends on flow rate. If all compressors operate at a consistent rate then yes. If compressors operate independently then each compressor should be protected individually.

I want to test a conditioner for industrial use what is the best application to see the fastest results?
Single pass heat exchangers, steam mixing valves or nozzle scaling.

Decaling large systems with heavy scale contamination
Ideally heavy scale accumulation should be removed using chemicals or mechanically. If this is not possible then outlets and valves should be monitored for blockage as large chunks of scale may drop off and block lines.

Can conditioning assist when blended with softened water?
Yes, a conditioner installed ahead of the softener will reduce salt use and protect the percentage of water that is not being softened.

Using conditioning to reduce the cost of Reverse Osmosis
Significant savings can be made by installing a conditioner prior to an RO system. Benefits include increase in pure water production and decrease in wasted water. Chemical reductions and reductions in energy use from the pumps have also been realised following installation.

How long will treatment last/ over what distance?
Whilst many conditioners have a treatment period of only 48 hours our conditioning has been proven to maintain its treatment for over 3 months. Whole towns and villages have been treated using our conditioners with benefits lbeing felt across over 5000 homes using a single system.

Observing cycles of concentration
Fluid Dynamics has developed expert 5 unique to the water treatment industry which can be used to calculate the optimum level of concentration. Once installed further water analysis should be sent on a quarterly basis to observe water quality levels.

Installing in Chillers/ Evaporative condensers
Chillers and evaporative condensers should be treated in the same manner as cooling towers and an application form available from your agent should be submitted for a proposal.

Maintenance and cleaning
Systems are designed to be maintenance free, in some circumstances such as over concentration in cooling towers can lead to mineral deposition inside the conditioner. If deposition develops inside the conditioner then the conditioner should be cleaned according to the cleaning schedule.

Treating seawater
Colloid-A-Tron and MagCat systems have both successfully treated seawater applications for both cooling and as pretreatment for desalination.

General Guides for installing on steam boilers
The Steam boiler guidelines should be followed when installing on steam boilers.