Residential faq's

Will one conditioner treat a whole house?
In most cases yes. However some sore external applications like solar panel systems an additional unit will be required.

Scaling in dishwashers
The nature of operation of some dishwashers can have an adverse effect on treatment which means that some scaling may take place, but scale deposits will be greatly

Where is the best installation
Reduced and will be much easier to remove.

point if treating a whole house
On the main cold water supply line. If s tank is present the conditioner should be installed before the tank if based on a high low level switch or if a operating on a float valve then the conditioner should be installed after the tank.

How long will it take before a difference is notice following installation?
Depends entirely on frequency of use and if there is significant lime scale deposits already present. If significant scale is already present it can take several months before any difference is noticed. However in sīe cases results can be seen in a matter of weeks.

What if I want to keep my water softener?
Installing a conditioner in conjunction with a water softener will provide environmental and financial benefits that will pay for the cost of the conditioner several times over throughout its life. The CONDITIONER will reduce the amount of salt required during the regeneration in the softener and can also increase the time between regeneration reduce the amount of wasted water.

Scaling in kettles
Due to the rapid heat change and evaporation created in kettles non ion exchange treatment methods such as conditioners will struggle to completely prevent mineral deposits over a period of time. However benefits should be seen with an extension enquired between cleans and overall increase in equipment life.