Specially designed for Agriculture applications.

Agra-tron is unique combination magnetic and catalytic treatment systems Specially designed for agricultural applications Irrigation Systems (System and Nozzle Protection):

  • A. Nurseries
  • B. Agriculture
  • Calcium Carbonate scale can collect inside of pumps, lines, solenoids, emitters and sprinkler heads causing blockage and premature failure.
  • Calcium Carbonate scale collects on leaves and plant roots, slowing down photosynthesis and nutrient intake.
  • Hard water requires larger amounts of chemicals, fertilizers to be used.
  • Calcium Carbonate fill up between the soil molecule (in the capillary tube) so the capillary water can not be available for plant so the plant can not observe to water and nutrition
  • The soil surface convert into a very hard surface by calcium carbonate.
  • C. Turf
  • D. Gardens
Benefits of using Agratron
  • Reduced water tension requiring less chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Prevention of scale in nozzles.
  • Treated water prevents calcium clogging plant roots ensuring plants remain capable of maintaining efficient absorption of water and nutrients.
  • Improves pH stability in water.


Agra-Tron | Technical Specification

Fluid Dynamics have been pioneers in innovative water treatments for more than 35 years developing non-chemical treatment technologies for a wide range of problems for commercial, industrial and government sectors.

With a large focus on scale prevention Fluid Dynamics latest product Agra-Tron has been designed to improve an number of issues facing the agricultural industry such as pipe scale deposition, blocked nozzle sprayers, and inefficient crop/plant growth.

Agra-Tron Technology

Agra-Tron comes supplied in stainless steel pipe housing with either flanged connections or universal pipe couplings for an easier installation.

Using a combination of both its proven catalytic and magnetic treatment systems the Agra-Tron is the most effective non-chemical scale prevention system producing a more complete treatment reaction resulting in a better quality water.

Agra-Tron works by precipitating a bulk of the dissolved minerals in the water into suspended crystal formations, thus increasing the waters solubility and preventing the need for mineral precipitation further downstream in nozzles, pipelines or in pumps.

Benefits for crops

When hard water is sprayed on crops if that water contains calcium salts then as water evaporates so salts are left behind. In many cases calcium salts will be the main salts left around the roots of a plant .. when fresh water is sprayed on the roots through the irrigation system that calcium residue left from previous sprayings acts as a barrier to water and health enhancing salts entering the plant and this restricts both the plants growth and also the crop yield.

The Agra-Tron works by turning what would have been a hard crystalline deposit into a soft permeable residue through which irrigation water can pass .. The Agra-Tron is a unique (patent applied for) combination of magnetic and catalytic water treatment technology – The Agra-Tron effect gives healthy plants better crop yields and can also lead to a lower water requirement to achieve the desired crop growth results.

Why choose Agra-Tron

Unlike some treatment devices the Agra-Tron is in direct contact with the water to be treated allowing the most effective treatment. Agra-Tron also incorporates two totally separate scale prevention technologies.. It is well known that magnetically treated water will only remain treated for a short time before reverting to its previous state so water treated magnetically must be used quickly. however Fluid Dynamics Patented Catalytic treatment system takes magnetically treated water and make the change in the water permanent so that once treated the water remains treated.

Unlike some treatment devices the Agratron is in direct contact with the water to be treated allowing the most effective treatment incorporating both surface contact with special alloy and introducing turbulence to encourage mineral precipitation.

Agratron Data Sheet