Agricultural & Landscaping Solutions

Efficient water use world wide is essential to achieve water sustainablity. Sensible irrigation plans and system maintenance can reduce water consumption making sustainable water use in agriculture more likely. Scale in systems reduces efficiencies both in water and energy use. Scaled systems increase the energy required to pump water through the system. Humidifier elements with scale build up require more energy and scaled nozzles require cleaning to prevent blockage. Fluid Dynamics offers solutions that prevent scale build up, this keeps systems working at their optimal levels conserving water and energy.


Irrigation Systems (System and Nozzle Protection):


a. Nurseries
b. Agriculture
c. Turf



Calcium Carbonate scale can collect inside of pumps, lines, solenoids, emitters and sprinkler heads causing blockage and premature failure.


Calcium Carbonate scale collects on leaves and plant roots, slowing down photosynthesis and nutrient intake.


Hard water requires larger amounts of chemicals, fertilizers to be used.


Calcium Carbonate also promotes the growth of bacteria.


Benefits of using a Fluid Dynamics solution:


Reduced water tension requiring less chemicals and fertilizers.


Prevention of scale in nozzles.


Treated water safe for plants.


Treated water prevents calcium clogging plant roots ensuring plants remain capable of maintaining efficient absorption of water and nutrients.


Reduction in scaling causing improved natural bacterial resistance, improved Photosynthesis and nutrient intake


Reduction in scale allowing for better water flow threw out the entire irrigation system.


Improves ph stability in water.


An example of an irrigation installation

Installation location: A Cotton Farm, just south of Lubbock, TX


Designed to apply 1 inch of water on each revolution, the center pivot irrigation unit shown on the right features a recently installed 8″ Colloid-A-Tron unit.


Center pivots usually have to be replaced every 10 to 15 years due to corrosion. The prevention of scale accumulation within the system will extend the life and efficiency of the center pivot, piping and nozzles..


Without treatment, irrigation using hard water delivers calcium carbonate to the crop in its calcite state which can form a coating on the roots and the leaves, like putting a coating of sunscreen on plant. This prohibits the plant from receiving the maximum benefit from the water, minerals, fertilizers and pesticides.


The use of the Fluid Dynamics Colloid-A-Tron helps the crop grow to its full potential.


Also the defoliant, used at the end of the growing season to stop the plant growth and prepare the plant for harvest, will be more effective. All of these steps and functions of growing the crop are very costly. The Fluid Dynamics Colloid-A-Tron will help reduce that cost to maintain the crop, increase yield and protect the equipment to deliver the water, fertilizer and other nutrients to the plant.


Animal Husbandry:


a. Dairy
b. Poultry
c. Livestock



Calcium Carbonate scale build up in the watering systems can plug lines, nozzles, valves, cool cells and also coat over heating elements in water heaters and humidifiers causing them premature burn out.
Calcium Carbonate scale builds up in milking equipment allowing for the formation of milk stone in high protein dairy herds.

Benefits of using a Fluid Dynamics solution:


Scale build up is reduced allowing for better water flow allowing nozzles and valves to operate more efficiently.
Reduction of scale in the milking equipment allows for little of no chemicals to prevent milk stone build up.
Reduces algae and bacteria build up.
Improves nutrient uptake.
Improves ph stability in water.
Provides a source of healthy Calcium for animals.