I was facing problems with my borewell water which was having a TDS of 810 at my residence. Taps were getting clogged due to salt deposits. Buckets had layers, bathroom floor stained, solar water heater corrosion. I consulted the water experts to treat water.

Mr. S. K. Mahesekar (Scientist)
H. No.-1-4-160/159-EP, O.U. Teachers Colony Sainikpuri, Hydrabad-500094
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We are happy and thankful to Skymech Engineers for providing us the solution of our scaling problem and recommend this marvellous product to solve the problem of water scaling and hardness for better and outstanding results which we could not get from our earlier treatments we applied and tried to get the results.

Jayshree Periwal International School
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What should I say for this product..... had built my dream house recently 2 years ago and tried to have the best of the products and fittings for it. In order to have the good water for the usage was advised by the so called industry experts to get the Softener and sand filter installed..... though i was not convinced about the cost and product but still got the same installed.
After few months was facing the regular problem of the scaling and the hardness in the order.... above all was the regular cost of Salt for 15-20 Kgs per week, above all the water discharge was further creating problem because of high salt content..... above all the water was also not sweet and little salty making me totally disappointed.
Tired of above problem, have surfed internet and found out about this product LIMETRON, honestly reading about this product and then taking to Skymech Company Official Person was bit confused about how can this product (2 feet Rod) can solve all my problems.....that too the company claim that it will not even provide me treated clean water... it will also clean the scaling from the pipe lines as well...
After the personal visit of Skymech Company Official Person and the money back assurance from the company... had got it installed in Nov at my residence.
Few days back while taking shower, i had observed that the water speed from the Rain shower is not enough and water flow is also not consistent and on careful inspection could see something blocking the water outlet.... after making the maintenance call with Jaquar company was totally shocked to see the Salt inside the shower lying suspended....the blocks from 5-7 cms size were lying suspended in the same blocking the same...All my fittings are shining and could not see any scaling any where now in my home.....
LIMETRON.... a must have product for everyone, if you want clean and hassle free water 24x7 without any maintenance and follow up issues....
Thank you Limetron and thank you Skymech for the great product...
* Amit Bakshi Ji (CA)
Aashirwad, I-26, Moti Vihar ,Society
Kanpur, Utter Pradesh

The period between de-scaling the equipment has gone down drastically and this has greatly increased productivity and efficiency.
* Maxim Indian manufacturer

We are fully satisfied and getting 100% results from COLLOID-A-TRON, and installing same solutions in our other units as well.
* Mayur Suitings - Bhilwara (LNJ Group)

Savings were not only made in manpower hours - savings were also made in downtime.
* ONGC India

Very happy with the services and getting good savings in Cost of Labors, account of cost to new pipelines.
* NIROS Restaurant Jaipur India

Since the installation, there has been no scale formation which saves the company cost of replacements of neoprene seals, power cost of operation of machine.
* TI Tube Products of India - India

Scale in pipeline reduced from 9mm to 3mm inside pipe work system in 6 months.
* Cotto Tiles Thailand

After only 10 days scale started falling off the outside of the spray cooled furnaces....giving rise to increased heat transfer and efficiency.
* Graftech Mexico

Using your equipment prevents sticking of our solenoid valves in the ship’s fresh water
* Chief Engineer M/T Bropromotion, Sweden

For eight years the only water treatment system we have had on our brewery’s steam boiler is a Colloid-A-Tron and the boiler passes its inspections every year…scale free.
* Freeminer Brewery, England