Fluid Dynamics - Swimming Pool Treatment “

Catalytic non chemical water treatment for scale prevention

POOL-TRON has been launched to combat the problems associated with hard water in swimming pools.

Scaling is a problem associated with swimming pools that use hard water. not only does it look unsightly but it also costs a large amount of money to remove scale build up.

POOL-TRON is totally environmentally friendly. chemical use could be having an impact on your local environment, installing POOL-TRON will reduce the need to use chemicals for cleaning purposes.

POOL-TRON uses a pre-charged semi-precious alloy that is guaranteed for 10 years. it will not alter the quality of your water it only affects the hardness minerals.

once POOL-TRON is installed there is no need to return to it for maintenance, it will treat the water for over 10 years without failing.

Fluid Dynamics has been manufacturing its non-chemical hard water scale treatment products for over 35 years with thousands of installations all over the world in some of the biggest companies, including US Navy Coca-Cola, Ford, Unilever and many more.

  • Totally environment friendly equipment, reduces your chemical use and reduces water wastage.
  • Supplied in plastic housing and can be installed in new and existing pump rooms.
  • Install in the pump room after the sand filters
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • Only non-chemical product on the market solely designed for use in swimming pools
  • Removes existing hard scale over time and prevents new hard scale from forming.
  • Any deposition is easy to remove without the need for chemicals or hand scrubbing
  • No maintenance required and no power source needed, no additional running costs