Industrial Coal Fired and Nuclear Powered Generation Systems

a. Steam Boilers and Heat Exchangers
b. Large Cooling Towers


  • Steam boilers, heat exchangers, and cooling towers can all collect Calcium Carbonate scale, and foul their operating potential.
  • Allowing untreated water into hot water systems will result in scale build up. Many companies choose to try and solve that by adding chemicals. Doing this is a momentary partial solution and takes constant and laborious manual labor.
  • Even after adding chemicals most systems have to be shut down entirely for manual removal using heavy machinery that can actually do harm to the systems.
  • The chemicals added to try and fight the already built up scale can be harmful to the environment, which the government is cracking down on.
  • When you shut down you are losing production hours, and spending a lot of money during a non working period.
  • Between these lost hours, and the constant purchasing of harmful chemicals you gain terrible inefficiencies.

Benefits of Using a Fluid Dynamics Solution:

  • Our hard water treatment products have proven over time to drastically reduce downtime.
  • No more heavy machinery needed to get rid of built up hard water scale.
  • Reduction and usually elimination of chemicals used to fight the already built up scale.
  • Zero energy needed with the Fluid Dynamics’ products.
  • No more harm done to the environment with chemicals.
  • Using zero energy, and eliminating chemicals makes the Fluid Dynamics hard water treatment entirely eco-friendly and green.
  • With the reduction of downtime, elimination of heavy machinery, and elimination of chemicals the systems will be much more efficient and run at a higher level for a longer period of time.


Fluid Dynamics products offer significant benefits over other hard water treatments. They eliminate the use of power and chemicals making them entirely eco-friendly and green. They stop the hard water scaling before it happens. They drastically reduce downtime for heavy maintenance on already built up scale. When you combine all of these assets Fluid Dynamics products are unmatched by other solutions that take a lot of money, time, and energy to maintain.

As there are many different steam systems and cooling components throughout the United States , it is best to contact Fluid Dynamics for a free consultation. We have our engineers study the client’s particular system and design a low cost solution to maximize the required equipments benefits.