a. Compressors
b. Oil with high paraffin content
c. Reverse Osmosis pre-treatment
d. Water flooding


a. Calcium carbonate scale can collect inside and foul the cooling systems of rig mounted compressors.

b. Untreated water that’s used to produce steam to heat paraffin to separate paraffin from oil.

c. Untreated water that is used in RO water production can reduce efficiency and output.

d. When water flooding, injecting untreated hard water can cause a reaction with the formation water causing damage to the formation. This is due to the presence of calcium carbonate in hard water. Scale deposition that takes place during flooding can seal the fractures in the formation over a period of time. Acid and other caustic chemicals are often used to eliminate the scale build up in the formation.


  • Hard water requires expensive corrosive chemicals to clean scaling from pipelines.
  • Production time is lost when systems are shut down for descaling.
  • Chemicals used for descaling are harmful to the environment.

Benefits from using Fluid Dynamics solutions:

  • Reduction in downtime allowing increased production and revenue.
  • Reduction in chemicals used to maintain compressors.
  • No power required.
  • No environmentally damaging chemicals needed to clean scale.
  • Compressors run more efficiently with less restrictions due to scaling.
  • Increase in R.O. pure water production and decrease in brine backwash.
  • Decrease in pump energy usage.