Industrial / Commercial Applications

  1. Humidifiers (Air Washers)
  2. Compressors
  3. Condensers
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. Air Washers, Scrubbers, Humidifier Coolers
  6. Cooling Rods Felt Washing
  7. Film and X-Ray Processing Furnaces
  8. General Cooling Systems
  9. Hot Water Heaters
  10. Boilers, Low Pressure Calorifiers
  11. Ice Makers
  12. Machines, General Bearings, Glands and Seal Compressors
  13. Extruders
  14. Friction Brakes
  15. Grinders and Mixers
  16. Injection Moulding Machines, Stationary Engines
  17. Presses

And many more…


A couple of examples: Boilers and Cooling Systems

Calcium Carbonate scale can collect inside boilers and foul cooling systems.

Untreated water used to produce hot water for heating systems creates tremendous scale build up and requires expensive chemical treatment or physical removal.

Production time is lost when systems are shut down for de-scaling.

Chemicals used for de-scaling are harmful to the environment.

Benefits of using a Fluid Dynamics solution:

Reduction in downtime resulting in decreased maintenance costs and production losses.

Reduction in chemicals used to maintain boilers.

No power needed.

No environmentally damaging chemicals needed to clean scale.

Boilers run more efficiently with fewer restrictions due to scaling.


As there are many applications and situations that our product line can provide solutions for throughout the United States and Canada , it is best to contact Fluid Dynamics for a free consultation. We have our engineers study the client’s particular system and design a low cost solution to maximize our solutions benefits.